Wednesday, October 29, 2008

US elections

well, long time, no posts.

i have been busy, with work, the kid and following discussions about climate change, that don t fit here.
and over the last few weeks, i ve been following elections mostly.

now we all know, that Palin is a disaster. but this one really left me shocked. i ll quote it here, as i have no other place to post it:

PALIN: Well, I think that people can ... can read the comments and hear the comments that he made, because again, the, the refreshing thing about that tape being revealed ... from 2001... it's candidness there. It's not ... it didn't seem to be his typical scripted, kinda ... rhetorical message read off a TelePrompter
this is insane. Palin, who never got beyond repeating scripted talking points accusing OBAMA of doing this? simply insane.

read the whole interview. it is really nice to see, how she is backpedaling on what she said about his judges comment...