Thursday, July 19, 2007

iraq, (non-) developments

Baghdad, can you hear the U.S. Senate?” Mr. Biden said into his microphone at one point when the communications with Mr. Crocker went silent.

An activist for the Code Pink anti-war movement shouted from the gallery, “Senate, can you hear the American people?”

so what s going on in Iraq? massive things, if you believe Ambassador Crocker and General Odierno. massive things, that don t show up in benchmarks, though.

"I can think of no major population center in Iraq that is in an al Qaeda safe haven today," Odierno said.

i can t think of one, that isn t. but surely, November will show us the truth. one goal post moved. again.

so let s look at some real benchmarks:

These months have been the worst in electricity supplies ever. We're getting an average of one hour per day of electricity from the grid. The last time we had such hour was three days ago!
this is from ITM, not a left wing source really.

and how about casualties?

close to 1000, again. on the 18th of july. as always, after the June low.

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