Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Iraq Parliament back to work - at half strength..

iraqs parliament is back from august recess.

Parliament reconvened with 164 members and adjourned after about 90 minutes after lawmakers asked for time to read 10 bills that had been presented for their consideration, member of parliament Hussein al-Falluji told Reuters.

The 10 bills did not include any of the benchmark laws.

only slightly more than half of the lawmakers (total of 275) was present, pretty standard numbers for iraqi parliament in important meetings.

the lawmakers are under immense pressure by the US, to start passing benchmark laws.

Bush said he took Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki aside at one stage and told him: "'You're my friend and ... you've made progress in your recent meetings and now's the time to get these laws passed. You've got hard work to do.' And you know what? He understands that."
Maliki claims that he has submitted a debathification law to parliament, we ll see.

time is running out, but the US government will do whatever they can, to make at least one law happen or at least put on an agenda.

good or bad law? doesn t matter!

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