Wednesday, June 13, 2007

iraqi security forces

the condition of the iraqi security forces is bad.

just look at this:

Asked whether he expected that the next Iraqi units to rotate into Baghdad would be even more thinly manned and less capable than those operating in the capital now, Dempsey replied, "I‘m absolutely convinced that‘s exactly what we‘ll see."
then there is the common claim, that iraqi units are undermanned, because troops are "bringing home money".

“On average, about 25 percent of the force is on leave at any given time, and they're not going on vacation. It may sound simple, but a significant portion of this is for soldiers taking leave to physically take money home to their families in the absence of things like direct deposit and electronic banking,” Dempsey said.
while this certainely is a factor, it s rather bizarre to assume a significant part of troops just deployed to Baghdad would stay behind to deliver money..

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