Monday, August 27, 2007

NIE report

sorry for my long absence, i was busy doing some renovation work.

lot s of things happened, but i have only time for a small update:

the NIE report is out:

We assess, to the extent that Coalition forces continue to conduct robust counterinsurgency operations and mentor and support the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF), that Iraq's security will continue to improve modestly during the next six to 12 months but that levels of insurgent and sectarian violence will remain high and the Iraqi Government will continue to struggle to achieve national-level political reconciliation and improved governance. Broadly accepted political compromises required for sustained security, long-term political progress, and economic development are unlikely to emerge unless there is a fundamental shift in the factors driving Iraqi political and security developments.
i agree with the majority of what it says. but you still have to consider who wrote it.
most of the assessments are optimistic, so that they don t damage the administration. but they keep the report full of warnings, to safeguard themselfes against another 9/11 debacle.


in other news, the Brits are leaving Basra:

Shiite militiamen from the Mahdi Army took over the police joint command center in Basra on Sunday after British soldiers withdrew from the facility and handed control to the Iraqi police, witnesses said.
the Brits are disputing, that their base was plundered by al-Sadr again, but i wouldn t be suprised if they did.


well, with most senior officials gone at justice, the last one migfht as well turn the lights of..

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