Sunday, August 19, 2007

US training falling apart

some days ago, i wrote this:

15 months at war, 12 months at home. in those 12 months, you have to spend your holiday, and all training courses to further your career. and the unit needs to bring their equipment and training on a high level again. sounds impossible? it is!

well, unfortunetely i just got confirmation about how right i was:

The US Army, struggling to cope with stepped-up operations and extended deployments of its soldiers to Iraq, has shortened the duration of several of its bedrock training courses so that troops can return to fighting units on the front lines more quickly, according to senior training officials.

One training course that is considered the "first step" in educating newly minted sergeants -- the noncommissioned officers considered the backbone of Army units -- has been cut in half to 15 days. Meanwhile, an intensive program designed to prepare young officers for advanced leadership has been compressed from eight months to less than five months so that the Army can fill positions in constant demand from commanders in the Middle East.

12 month at home, about 2 of them being used up by long deserved holidays. (2 years of holidays, crowded into one..)
then all the material needs to be checked in again, and checked out for next deployment. this alone would be a task, that could keep a unit busy for 12 months. but instead most leadership will be absent during the majority of this time, training for their next job position.

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